Look- nothing. You abandoned me.
In deafening silence, i wondered “Why?”
Oh, clich and over used. But you never gave an answer.
Why can’t you see? Did you ever see me cry?

Your disappearance so sudden,
You didn’t even walk away.
False hopes, expected promises unfulfilled.
I’m always led astray.

The simplest sounds of Hammered-on nails
Mimic your laughter from the far distance.
And endless whisper- so close, so far.
The bearer’s face, can never be found.

“Oh, please save I, thy Saviour with might”
Oh clich and over used. But you never responded.
Water’s drying, the laughter’s dying.
The beginning of disbelief: His kiss is fading.

Talk to me, Take from me,
Acknowledge my existence please.
Talk to me, Take to me
The will to live for you

(writen by my friend on multiply,thank you so much..)