Such a resemblance to the then I used to admire most. On tenterhooks, I am to prevent this incongruous feeling to develop and grow furtively, no I must say. I try and still trying endlessly. But all seem futile. In vain of course because frail and fragile I am. I never learn from the blatant mistake that I make, not so long ago. By the time, I found the panacea of my deep wound, the remedy that I pretend have I found, you emerge abruptly in a daring way. Glittered my eyes, seized my attention, shuddered my body and touch my heart all over again. You led me to the broken, sinned road that I once swear not to tread again. You make me broke my authentic repent. But, it’s life, unpredictable and volatile. Therefore, what to act next…enjoy my life to the fullest.