Believe it or not, for approximately 2 weeks playing basketball, I lost my weight vastly. My first body weight measures 55 kg since I arrived here in Shah Alam. Then, couple of weeks or perhaps months later, it shows the same measurements, 55 kg. Miraculously, I shrink to 53.5 after stepping on the joyous steel weight machine that u can easily find it around PKNS and ALAM SENTRAL. To ponder, I just started playing basketball professionally for about 2 weeks, so with the immense result of my current weight I think it is fairly a miracle. I always envy boys with great body shape, six pads and so on. I yearn for that type of body. Perhaps, with me enthusiastically participating in a sweaty outdoor activity like basketball, I got what I have desire, a faultless masculine body contour. Chaiyok, chaiyok!