Seriously I don’t have a clue that I have lots of friend that are born as actors and actresses. Today was the drama staging for literature class.It was so fun and entertaining and I enjoyed it so much.Frankly writing, all the group except Azry’s(they don’t stage theirs yet) made a terrific performance.In as a grandma was superb. It really fits her..haha.Each and every time she makes that graaaa sound, I burst out laughing.In,U really was marvelous..U go girl..!!.Honestly everyone did a great job.Everyone plays the part perfectly. The gay drama too was a magnificent show.Chip as a gay spouses with Amer..for God sake I really have no idea he could act flawlessly. For our group, I dare to say it is great even with some faulty mistake. Madam said Mr Bingley’s (that’s me!!) utterance was so fast. Well Madam, I am too proverbial with the british ascent..haha..poyo sial.Anyway all went perfectly well. Thank you all, Mr Darcy yg poyo, Elizabeth, Jane and Mrs Bennet yang sendawa kuatand also to the crew.Good job guys..!!


The retro Daddy and the hot mama..Go Go Fifi..!!