What I mean is what I am or who I am,
What I feel about the meaning of my life,
What I need is what I fear most,
What I like to say and what I lie about,

Well I can’t get used to it,
Coz I get out of my mind,
and that’s just when U stole my feelings,
and I just can’t even cry,
well I think I should run my way back home now,
cause I gave you everything I got,
there’s no more to give,

I can’t stand the way you broke my heart,
coz I gave u,
All my dreams,
All my hopes,
All my promises,
All the things I learnt and that I used to know,

We once make promises,
Then u broke them,
In such a way that really hurt,
I’m in pain,

Oh God,U know how I pray,
Oh God,U know how I plead,

BUt still I feel so empty since u went away,
this mood may last forever,
Or maybe untill I die,
So I’ll keep holding on until I,
surely get another try,
because all in all,

I’m the one who made the crucial decision,
To let u go,
cause I can’t bear it no more,
the feeling of being hurt,
the feeling of a brokenhearted,

Yes,it”s not YOU..It’s ME