Parental Advice Required

FYI,[theSinglets] is another brilliant yet mischievious idea by Moja n me, together with our grand secretary,ala2 Condeleeza Rica gitu,which is Iznie aiding us. It is first founded when we realise that the species of those who aren’t in love in on the verge of extinction. This group aims at those who fell that this is not the right time to fall in love are most welcome to join in.We are now discussing our new project along with our formal publicist Nel.We can’t actually reveal or expose it yet coz well it’s a secret project.However one thing for certain is it will explode when we get it ready..hahaha.

here are our terrific principles(in random order)  :

1) The ultimate solo fighters

2) Give no ways to ‘cintan- cintun’ thingy

3) ‘Hati Rapuh’ haters! ;)

4) Single as long as we may be!

5) we rock the world in our own way


please stop the cintan-cintun..!!