My beloved friend is having a crucial impending exam this month. And as for me, I’m actually on the verge of final examination. Just around the corner. So good luck to all and to my dearly loved pal, do the best! To all, best of luck too. Study grup kte ROX..!!!Then,Genting..wait for us!!To my adinda who is having a vital examination also this month, buat baek2. Like I always told u, study smart not hard and please do not tension or stress because once you are, you drag me too. Our sacrification not to contact each other for the time being hopefully will pay off gloriously at the end of the day, I hope. Remember that I always pray for your success.


*Sorry coz I just can’t put any photos here to avoid ambiguities..mulut sorang2 bkan leh tutup..hahaha

*Whoops…our Genting Plan somehow to a certain extent has been a mere dream..lots of Thank YOU to all my friends who shamelessly ruined it.Your COOPERATION are well appreciated.