Am I ego?

 I am ego,

Someone told me,

Someone who admits to discern me well,

Someone who I love yet detest

The most, 

Am I ego?

I would wonder and ponder,

What makes SOMEONE thinks that I am,

How could SOMEONE says that I am,

We used to share our loves together,

We used to share our life together,

We used to share our dreams together,

But for that SOMEONE,Egoistic is one of my facades,

 If I’m ego,I would not keep and preserve our dreams,

If I’m ego,Your name would not be conquering my diary,

If I’m ego,Your photo would not be secured in my heart,

If I’m ego,Your face would not haunt my dreams,

If I’m ego,My treatment towards you would be differ,

But does it differs?

If I’m ego,I would not break my vow for the sake of you,

Am I ego?

 Have you ever

Look into the mirror and find myself in your heart?

Have you ever

 think of me like I always do?

Have you ever

 Think of me for just a sec?

Have you ever

Pay any heed to my feeling?

Have you?