You are my world’s intruder,

You are my world’s intruder,

Muddy with intelligence and acumen,

  Envy, revulsion

 Here come my world’s intruder,

And I am the loser,

The beat of hilarious words,

Burst straight from his mouth,

 With his feet thumping,

With my feet backing,

Leaving hopelessly

From my dreams,

 Shower of happiness coming to

End the jealousy pouring over,

Shower of happiness coming to end,

 I have guided myself through some people,

And love them still,

And love them too, 

Jealousy, hatred, odium, feels the covetousness

 There is jubilation out there,

Joyous, merry,

What is to do but stare,

Stare at the blistering contentment,

 Here comes my world’s intruder,

There’ll be no resistance,

Coz I am the loser,

Afraid to make moves,

 And the beast,

With smiling face,

And the arm rolling,

Get out! Get out! Get out!

 Forgive me, friend