Tales 1

Jealousy had fall in love. A tainted love he would say. Tainted yet miraculously toushes him, deep in not just in heart but all over him. Jealousy was a loser then. Pathetic and miserable. He knew nothing yet he wanted to know. He tried endlessly. He has many friends, just merely friends that would take advantages on him. But this is not the tales of his bogus friends, this is the untold story of how he endures the utter transition in his love and life. How he revolves into a new leaf and blooms into a splendid person. His love, he called it Allure. Allure is the sheer contradiction of Jealousy,of course.Allure is swollen with pride, pride over every single thing. But Allure’s exclamation of self-pride is no in vain as Allure is enourmously intriguing and for certain, alluring. Many are enamored and could go berserk over Allure. Perhaps that what Allure told Jealousy no so long ago. Their love is rather incongrous in its own way. It is neither not the first sight love nor puppy and momkey love whatsoever but it is the affection that grows furtively along them knowing each other. Jealousy denied viciously the invisible yet vivid bond that tangled them together. This is utterly wrong!Jealousy could not fell in love. This is so absurd,he would reckon……

End of Tales1