It was over!!The most anticipated event last week is all over.And UIA with no remorse grabs all the catogeries without sparing for others to win..again.They won all the three catogories which are the malay,english and arabic debate.Man, I have to agree they are so damn cool.I juz don’t have a slightest idea how they can speak malay that fluent without any slip of the tongue.Seriously if it were me..haha..god knows!!.I fall in love with the first speaker(yes he’s a man..hey dun get me wrong), he somehow mesmerizes and awes me with his talent in oratory. He’s damn good.If he is to be viewed or observed when he does not debating, a such typical guy he is.But when he opens up his sweet(I can’t find any adjectives to describe it) or so mouth, a word uttered and he will not stop.He’s totally rock man!.U go guy!!haha.I watched their team 2 times, first during the qualification match and the other one on the final.They are the GOVERNMENT o KERAJAAN which propose to the usul ‘Democracy di Malaysia semakin subur’ during the final.In my prerogative, the title o the usul is rather bias and sensitive.That title or such should not be given to be debated.I pity the opposition side coz they have to be aware not to highlight a sensitive issue while objecting the proposal.But they are awesome too.Kudos to both team even I did not have the privilege to watch it until the end of the event.Got a bus to catch up!workin maa. U know what makes me think about the proposal,it is another vivid clue that the election will be held soon!Heaven sake, I do not want to imagine what will happen upon that.Malaysia oh Malaysia, what’s happening to U.Too many problems are lingering us, the citizens.Can u imagine, 2 riots in just a week times?What the heck is happening to Malaysia??