It was last night. MCR(My Chemical Romance) rocks KL. It was held at Stadium Merdeka. I’m so into the concert coz I’ve been planning it since it was published in the newspaper, their invasion here. Thanks to Ina for gettin us(I went there wit Moja) the tickets. And to Cip also for bertungkus lumus to bank in the money. It was a hell of a show I must say except the fact that we, the possessers of the green zone area’s tickets have to yell, scream our lung out and sumpah seranah the organisers for them to open the damn gate, all went really well. It was scheduled at 6.30 pm but we only got through at about 7.30. WTF!!We missed the opening act by the Malaysia’s talented band, One Buck Short. Mcr emerges around 8 sumthin and all started chaosing and releasing pandominium. It was really fun. I screamed. I yelled. Escaping from the cruel and wicked world I’ve been living in. Damn it was so rejuvenating to do that. Hmmm MR, it really sucks. I dun know wat n where it went wrong. I studied franticly for the final but then the result turns out unexpectedly. But at least I still got above 3,Thank God. I was so ashamed at myself coz my friends,aisshh they are all very fucking good. But like Nel said, the past will be the past no matter what we do to change it. Thanks Nel, U’ve ignite the flame in me..again.