Finally, my melancholy misery has ended. I have resigned from my Customer Service Assistant post at Mph. It’s quite intricate to depict how I felt upon it. Rather indifferent and emotionless I must say. I was happy for the fact that I’m no longer have to housekeep, return and pricing (basically that are my job)..opps not forgotten being a cashier and cleaning and sweeping the shelf and the window. However, at some point I pity them, our deplorably shocking resignation meaning that they have to double or perhaps triple their work because there are loads of merciless and callous task to do since the Book fair is not over yet. My god helps them. So to be on the very save side, better not to think about it over and over again. My lelaki berkerjaya terms is no longer suits me. However it’s indeed a hell of an enjoyment to be working there. To be dueling with the thickheaded customers are very full of adrenaline episode. Customers emerge in a variety of shapes and attitude resembling some kind of kaleidoscope. Some are nice and warm but others are filthy, arrogant and so on. However, it is really a privilege to be working there and a very thank you for having me and treating me as one of ur family while my tenure albeit my short presence there. U rocks MPH..!!