I’m fucking sick. U make me wanna vomit. Gagging all the words I have uttered about you. Is it wrong to be loved? to be noticed? and to be heard? to at least taste the limelight and the bona fide of being loved even it is just a mere sparkle or glitter. I really don’t want to be hard and callous coz it strikes a chord on me that you too are my friend..perhaps one of my closest. But the way you acted seems like a resemblance to Billy Beazer, a friend who is not a friend. Perhaps you are another Billy. I may be picayune but but that does not give you the right to treat me this way. It is maybe inadvertent, yes I know that. But bear in your witty mind that each and every time U are laughing and having fun, you are tearing and shredding the fragile heart of mine. Miserably, my eyes creep..shattering the hope of being wanted.


Hold on Acad..!!Cling to your faith..!!

Don’t let the scorching flames of jealousy blaze you..!!

Let it not possesses you..!!

You are strong!

Don’t crack into the insanity of love even you are on the eve of breaking down!!

Swallow them like you always do..!!