For those who haven’t an inkling what AJL stands for(geez..where do this people live),it is the acronym for the Anugerah Juara Lagu, an event or perhaps a competition which they say(they here stands for those who organising it) an event to ‘mengangkat martabat komposer dan penulis lirik’ which I think rather gibberish. Sorry to say but that’s is what I view AJL as. They can utter it so many time to convince the people I am not deceived.It’s depend on them on how they view the event(hey,they organize it ok).I’m really eager for the tonight’s show just for one genuine intention,to watch my pop tart Siti Nurhaliza backs in action on stage.It’s been a while for her since she won it a couple of years back then.And I firmly feel that tonight is her night!Besides, without Siti,or Datin Seri Siti,the show seems lack of its energy.Siti fills it every time she participated in the event.And each participation, she won’t go home empty handed.That’s Siti.haha.So I just wanna sit back and enjoy the tonight show.

voi la!