Happy birthday to u,

happy birthday to u,

happy birthday dear E**,

happy birthday to u.

Today is my friend’s birthday.


You light up my life when I was on the eve of breaking down.

 You make me appreciate my life.

You make me go effortlessly berserk upon listening to your sweet voice.

You make me shudder and tremble with your version of I Miss You Like Crazy.

You make me living the life of a fox.Sleeping and resting during noon and eagerly and actively wake up at night.

You make me heavily addicted to nestum every night(thank God I ain’t no more).

 You make me laugh my head off.

 You make me weep my fictitious tears.

Thank you for your short precious time you spared me.

It was awesome.I will never forget that jubilant moment.I will never ever forget your unconditional love.


Happy birthday Eyz