It’s 1.15 in the morning and I just can’t shut my eyes.I tried but they just won’t(sigh).Insomnia perhaps.I’m currently addicted so badly with my blog.Huih really into it.It turns out to be my on9 diary,seriously.Hmm lets talk about the module I attended last saturday.Module err pape ntah!.It was so fun and full of excitement.We,the siakaps and the surias were like cramming the class.Bonded I say(daaa).Hardly inseparable!.It was conducted by the slumber deputy dean..I just can’t recall her name..hmm Prof Madya Pn Hajah Zaiton if I’m not mistaken.She was like so sportingly cool!.Had fun with her.Then we had to undergo a painful ceramah by Mohd Tajul Ariffin(God I can remember his name..that’s odd).There’s no word that can depict how I felt upon him.He was fun but we ain’t!(ngantuk was held about 2pm).He did tried effortlessly to cheer us up but it didn’t work.Pity him coz Moja and me were like mocking him up.Sorry sir,we just can bare it no more!.Here are some beautiful and offensive vistas during the whole session!



  Project Kami..go!


So the drama Queens and Kings!


Voi La..The Project Kami!


This is what I said earlier..Offensive!Watch at your own risk!wahaha Sorry Ja,but I have to admit it,this is the best pic of all!


Hey,don’t get them wrong..they were so into the ceramah..concentrating to the fullest I must say!