Music is magic.This is the theme of last night extravagant Juara Lagu. The theme REALLY suits the winner.Is it peculiar or what.Coincident..??.Yah whatever.It really strikes a chord on me that the organiser and all the 4 MCs really stress on the term.Magic..magic..ah whatever. I think Siti blowed the event with her magic last night.Even tho she left empty-handed(owh the 1st time is it..again magic!),she’s still the best.Extracted from,the ‘ninja dance’ was choreographed by Pat Ibrahim(PGLM and PRm).It was superb.Siti ‘kalah bermaruah’.I don’t really heed that she did not win anything(really..I mean it)but it was flattering to watch her back on stage performing.Hardly miracolous.Hey even Britney was sneered after her bounce-back performance,so x kisah la if Siti did not win anything.Btw,it’s just a picayune award.Not worth for me to get affected by it.All in all,kudos to all the winners especially ESTRANGED.It’s a good start for them,a stepping stone perhaps to survive longer in our music industry.Here are the photos from last night show,courtesy of and


                                                                     The ‘tarian ninja’ choreographed by Pat Ibrahim.Cool!

                                     Too bad she doesn’t have the privilege to model this new princess-alike garment on stage.



                                                                              And the ‘magical’ winner…clap..clap..clap!