The atmosphere is kinda wet and damp.It was downpouring and I just got my night bathe so that makes it damper(huhu). Just got awaken from my nice cozy sleep by the piercing noise of Chip playing with his guitar(sigh).Azry is sleeping soundlessly in the room(biasa r mak janda kan..tdo awal..haha),exhausted perhaps by the intense pressure that was put upon him today.Haaa this is the story.For Ethics,we have to do a community service as a final project and we have decided to organize a Jumble Sale.Azry is appointed as the project manager with Nomi aiding besides him. To make it interesting, there are some people who are not contented with the idea.So the discontentment was highlighted during the class and everyone started releasing pandominion.Everyone pointed out their prerogative thoughts…bla..bla..bla.Moja and me suggested that we have a visit to any orphanage or old folks house around Shah Alam.We think that it would be more fun and enjoyable but then..aishh pape jek la.So finally they sticked to the old plan except this time it is not a jumble’s a CHARITY sale..daaa.What’s the difference?