– In order to get the full result of these questions, try to pretend that you are talking with someone-

1-What are you doing at the moment?

=Currently studying Socio while listening to Fly FM’s Flirty.

2-Are you enjoying it?

=Hell no!Only Ne*ds enjoy studying.Besides I’m plunging my head for a subject called Sociology..I don’t even know what the heck it is.

3-So what do you wish to do now?

=Doing nothing..perhaps chatting,YMing or anything except studying!

4-Do you think studying is important?

=Daaa..should I answer that..Of course it is. We have to strive to meet success.It won’t come by itself.

5-Are you happy now?



=Damn it..! I have a test tomorrow..!

7-Why do you abhor Test so much?

=I’m not hating it..it’s just..errr why do we have test, can’t we just keep studying till the end of the sem..I hate test and I detest grades and pointer..!!

8-Are you OK now?

=Hmm much better

9-Are you going to study back and focus on the test?

=Maybe…Thank you for making me better.

10-Last question, you need not to reply if you think it’s sensitive..Are you crazy ACAD?

=Yes I am..Fuck you!.I’m crazy and I’m freak but I am smart. Having this fictitious conservation is really stupid. Better get back to study.

“I’m in amidst of coercing myself to study that results to this crazy little fictitious conversion with the little imp within me”