Mood : Triumph

Yes,I succeed in my sociology’s test this afternoon!Kinda relief but still there are more pains in the neck that I must endure through out the whole weekend. There are 2 more tests awaiting ahead me, waiting eagerly to snap my head off my body which are PELT and EIM.At the moment, I supposedly am studying PELT(haha..supposedly) but once we stop, we just could not further it anymore,am I right?.I paused for a moment and went to 7e with Nel and Moja to buy something as an aid to get us awake to study.And this laptop that my fingers are dancing gracefully on the keyboard is supposedly be placed in the drawer(again..supposedly).It did but out of nowhere,my hands reached it and there it goes, smiling smugly, proud of defeating me. Oh the temptation is too strong to resist.Arghh I’m so weak!Aishh better take my head back in the’s 2.30 am already!