Struck and stuck. I woke up from my nap and something pounce me really hard.It’s about He and She.Both are my friend.She is my closest and He too, one of my best. He has some past disagreement with She’s friends that used to be his friends too, I would reckon. The disagreement never meet its solution.They frown upon stumbling on each other.Last night, He shine me with some hope of seeing all my friends back to normal.He admitted that He misses She so much and really mean it. I saw a leaf turned into a new blossom. A blossom that I hold on and put my trust in it to see him with us again.Mingling and walk among us like we used to be.Then this deploraby shocking news struck me.He still don’t let go of his..well I don’t know..enraged perhaps by using She to spice the things between them.I don’t have any inkling on what to say and how I should react.It’s hard to depict.I’m like being stuck in this things that should not we bothered about because some of the stupid things.I feel at fault to She.And to He also.Both are my friends.Both need my support.I just can’t be on one side and pay no heed to that particular side.It’s hard when we are trapped in the middle.It suffocates you sometimes.What am I to do?

“And I know that in time,U would come back to your senses, see the signs and change your mind”