The flyer shows it. There’s a gig tomorrow.I’ve been contacting my friends to ask them to tag along with me, having fun like we always did some time ago.But all seem futile,Jen is at Johore and it’s too far.I lost contact with Payja and TeeHe,having said that he has repent, retire from all the fun(he’s really turning into a new leaf,he even wears a serban on his head!leaving behind all his knowledge about the bands, which really surprise me).Some time back at my school, he’s the one to consult if one has a bit of confusion about a band.I’ve longed for that moment so bad where we all would go to an illegal gig(yup, gigs are illegal in Kelantan those days)headbanging,jumping and crowd surfing until we all got dizzy and puke and vomit!Then, hecticly run from the cops if the gig is rushed by them.I recalled a time when Jen and me got busted,we nearly got cuffed, being dragged into the truck like some kind of fugitives(ahaha) before our urine got taken by them(urine test la). Fortunate enough, the term budak sekolah Maahadsaved us(when I said I love my school,hey I mean it). With the pure innocent look that twinkled on our face, we glowed them deceitfully(Jen is very good at this).

OK back to the gig, I’ve never attended any since my presence here in Shah Alam.We actually hold back our interest during form 3 where everyone was focusing on PMR.By the time we got into Form 4, many of my friends left the school. So the interest faded slowly.

Hmm..really miss that moments.It gives a huge effect on me.It’s some how mould me to be who I am now.And now I almost lost contact with all of my friends, including Jen.Most of them are like evolving into a new person, a better one.My friends, perhaps for the last time we could do all the dirty little things that we had done over again.