Mood : Restless and Mood-less

Theme Song : Scream by Kill Hannah

I wanna scream my lung out,yep. Through this whole week, I can’t barely sleep and have a good rest at night. I’m having these nightmares for three days respectively. That a hat-rick I must say. Every single night, it’ll be a different version of scary dreams of mine.Last night, I dreamt of people that I had done bad things to them came haunted me, even my ex-es as well(WTF).I went to bed around 2 am but ended doing acrobatic on my bed till 4.30 or 5 in the morning.Then, when I just felt that my eyes were shutting, it’s 7 am already. Same goes to the last 2 nights. I recited so many quranic verses, yes but they won’t work. It affects me a lil bit. This afternoon, I think I failed my EIM test.I don’t know what crappy things that I wrote there on the paper.It all mess up with the nightmares. I kept picturing Jen and Sha bursting out loud laughing at my condition.(psychotic isn’t it).I used to describe going to bed as going to lala-land but it aint lala anymore. It’s demotivating me. I even think of going to Jay’s concert twice!. I loathe the fact that I’m so senseless and fatigue at the moment. I just wanna have a good rest and a nice cozy sleep and dreaming that I’m at lala-land, the real one.That’s all.By posting this,people might illustrate me as a very emotional one but I’M NOT EMO!

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