While many youngsters are having the best time of their life enjoying the gig, I’m stranded at my home completing CTU’s assignment and counting the time of Jay Chou’s concert(yup,will be heading there around 5 this evening).I read Nel’s blog and I must confess that I too am moaning from the fact that I miss the gig.Sigh. However, I try to coax myself by saying that its just another gig that I attended.There’s nothing out of ordinary about that except that it is held at Shah Alam which I never experience before and the lineups are quite cool.Double sigh.So I just do the headbanging here at my home.

But apart from the sighing thing, I also am eager to go to Jay Chou’s concert tonight at 8 held at Stadium Merdeka(the same venue where MCR rocked KL).But still, we have to go there by public transportation which I do not favor much.And the fact that there will be packed with Chinese somehow freak me a lil bit yet add more excitement to it.I never been mingling around with Chinese.So let just pretend it’ll be another exciting night for me.I just wanna relax and let Jay’s music soothe my dear ear.