Just got back from a hectic and exhausting first day of our technical week.The new venue is at Panggung Bandaraya which is located next to Dataran Merdeka.Seriously writing, the place is rather keras and scary.It could give you goosebumps once you enter the door at the back of the stage.I don’t wanna narrate any ghost stories here coz I think it’s not worth for you to listen and for me to relate it.A couple of us had encountered the supernatural entities that inhabited the panggung. Scaringly enough, it was just our first day there, meaning that there will be another terrifying 6 days ahead to endure.So, this technical week is going to take a hell loads of my time.May I be brave and bold enough to face what may which I really don’t want to stumble upon at the panggung.

Allah, do help us..amiiin