Why do all good things must come to an end..??

It’s been two days since we had fun at the Panggung Bandaraya staging Ethos’s newest project, a musical drama entitled Whoa! Willow. I had a really wonderful experience being part of the family. It’s miraculously terrific, the production itself. It was really WHOA!. I obtain so many experiences and yet got to know a tonnes of sweet people, the casts and the crews. You guys Rock!. During the 2 nights and a day premiering at the Panggung, it was hectically jovial. I was frantically exhausted yet enjoyed it so so much. Been missing the moments already. Despite the fact that the Panggung is a haunted one. Everytime I lay my feet in it I would feel this strange peculiar feeling.My eyes would glimpse around, glaring and skimming the panggung. On our last day of the show, on the way back in the bus, we started narrating all the ghost stories we had endured there. I was aghast upon listening to all the mystifying and bloodcurdling tales of them. It was like we’re in the middle of a horror movie(oh I’m such a drama king).

Gosh absurdly, I miss all the moments where we all would sit in a circle and had lunch or dinner together. Then, ‘whoring’ for the camera(haha).It’s such a great honour for me to having work with them. The marvellously poignant creative team. Kudos to all. You guys really WHOA!.I wanna upload some of the scenic snapshots but I’m having trouble in minimizing them.The photos are all in large size so I just can’t put all of them and I’m clueless to choose which one to be uploaded here.I think I better upload them on my friendster or myspace perhaps.