My Ummi texted me last night asking of my condition here. Apart from concerning about me, she still had time to cynically sneered me,

‘Hai, da x igt kampung lagi ke?’

I was like laughing my head off. Well, that’s my beloved Mom. Then she asked me if I was being doing something wicked lately. Numb I felt, it’s like..WHOA! what are u trying to say mom(it’s literary coz we were replying messages reciprocately). She said that she had this not so nice dream about me. She dreamt that I got lost in a wood or some kind of hill and could not find my way out. I was baffled. This peculiar feeling approached me swiftly.If I’m not mistaken, I haven’t do anything wrong…yet..(kiki)

So last night, it was a coaxing session between us. I told her that I ain’t doing anything evil nor wicked and told her that I’ve been busy with the drama for the past 2 weeks which she already knew. She will be the first person to know if I wanna do something. It did strike a chord on me about myself. But still, don’t worry Ummi, I’ll try to stay on the right path. I’ll make u proud!