Song For Today : Kelibat Korupsi by One Buck Short 

Yup, today is the day where all Malaysians will cast their vote and voice out their mute opinions. It’s the election day or what I like to call the Vday(voting day). I don’t know how should I depict my emotion and feelings coz the results of this anticipating  election are by all means predictable, I think. By hook or by crook, the BN will undoubtedly wins and again rules Malaysia. The BA too, like always will be going home in vain. Politics, can’t ask for more.Just to have to follow with the flow. It’ll give me a hard headache whenever I think about it. You know, growing up in the environment under the throne of BA was truly a different experience. Well I hope Kelantan stays with them, that the least they can do, defending it. I too fancy Kelantan to be under the throne of PAS. I don’t despise the BN yet favor the BA. I’m like floating between reaching the sky and touching the ground. In SOME cases, I fancy the BN and likewise I fancy the BA too. They have their own advantages and blunders too. So lets just wait for the results to reveal tonight! I’ll upload some photos on my next post later.

-Majulah ELECTION untuk negara-