-Love is never complicated, WE are-

                                                                                                                                                               -excerpted from Whoa! Willow

Upon reminiscing about all my appaling relationship, I have to agree with the phrase. I very much resemble it. I’ve been complicatedly intricated with all my ex-es. Sometime if we tag along very well, I’ll find sometime to argue about..what a loser I am to not having seen and realise all the beautiful angels God has granted me. And at the very end of the day, I myself regret it. That’s me, never satisfy with everything. Perhaps that’s the reason why I’m so complicated and never succeed in my relationships. Some people, whenever they clash or break up with their spouses, they still can become friends but not me, I lost contact with all my former spouses. Pathetic isn’t it because I always take things seriously but when it comes to Love, I never sincerely cling to it.


-Happy to be freely single-

~Heartaches and past mistakes, everyone got a story~

.Preposterously, I miss all the people who have touched my heart.