I am originally rooted from Siam.Yes I am.Shock..??Well I too was doumbfounded when my Mum told me so not long ago. I was like, you must be kidding me Mum! It was these some people who often came and visited my nanny since she lived with us and still is. Those people always merged in front of my house with a huge 4wd vehicle packed with groups of family travelled in it. One time, when it all been revealed, I asked my Mum who the heck are these people coming in and out of my house like it was theirs(I can’t recall my age that time).

“They are all your next of kins, dear”

(of coz this is not the tone of her voice..huhu)

But they are Siamese who can speak in Kelantan accent fluently and that scares me,I would reckon.(I even don’t understand what they are talking some times).That explained why and how they miraculously know my name whenever they visited us. I was so ashamed of my roots then(I don’t fancy Siameses actually..kiki).However as time flies, I finally feel so proud and appreciate it.Well at least I’m a Melayu kacukan,a term that not all people can get.My Siam origin is rooted from my mother’s side. My father is a pure Malay. However, neither my nanny nor my great grandmother was born in Siam.We are all been born safely in Kelantan.Presently, I still have my kins living in the selatan Thai. Oh, I know not the language so don’t ever ask about it.