I just finish watching a brilliant and thrilling story entitled ‘AWAKE’ acted by my favourite actor and actress. Hayden Christensen(Wow, my Darth Vader!) plays the role of a naive billionaire pretty much excellent. Jessica Alba(double Wow, my Dark Angel) acts her role gallantly marvellous(I was deceived!).She makes me detest her in this movie! Basically this is a story where Clayton(my Darth Vader) who has a heart problem suffers “anesthesia awareness” during his transplant surgery in which he could feel and experience all the pains and aches when the doctor engraves and drills his chest and snap his heart out. You can google about the illness(it’s not an illness actually) yourself for a more brief explanation. It is well directed with a twist that can make you go berserk and twirl yourself around with the story. It’s also highlighting our’s Motherly love. It’s about a passion to survive in this wicked cruel world and at the end of the story, I murmured to myself..hmm mother knows best! So what are you waiting for, grab a big cup of hot sweet popcorn and prepare some tissues with you(who knows right..) and enjoy the show.

~Here is the sneek peek on the movie to add on the excitement~