~Keep busy today, even if you have to resort to cleaning out the closets or reorganizing your sock drawer! Serious boredom is a horrible thing to endure, and if you don’t have enough to do right now, you could fall into a blue funk. You have to use your creativity in order to keep your good vibes going~

The above is my horoscope for today.I don’t really believe in horoscope. Frankly writing, I am deeply sinking in the blue funk. Just got up from my nap and still wobbly because of it. AGAIN I had a nightmare.A rather hilarious one(don’t wanna elaborate on that). Oh it seems that sleeping is not the best alternative to console yourself from the world anymore. Planned to go jogging this morning, it’s better to get myself drench with sweat sometimes but like always, I ended sweating on my bed. Today’s plan is to go doing our literature survey at a school at sec 2 but the plan goes rather mirthful.We waited outside the school in vain. The school is having this mid term break! What a bummer!