Last night, it was a futsal maniac for me and my friends. Held at Sports Planet, Shah Alam, we had fun playing games that most of us are not familiar with. I used to play back then in my hometown but it was like 2 years ago. So, with some knowledge and a passionate determination, we rumbled the futsal field. It was fun and aching..(haha, I still feel the pain in my thigh and legs). Last night also was the birthday of my friend, Nanie.

Happy Birthday,Nanie!

The girls went to celebrate Nanie’s birthday party somewhere around Shah Alam and they stopped by to watch us went berserk in the field. This morning, I was supposed to join the English Is FUn programme at the faculty but somehow forgot about it. I was abruptly awake around 8 this morning but I pondered myself on what should I do today. Then, without getting the answer, I went back to sleep until I realised the programme I should be attending. Haha pathetic it is.


.Still we have time ‘whoring’ in front of the camera!