There is this exotic and ubiquotuos yet dangerous species respectively called HUMAN. Universally, they can be divided into 3 groups which are White, Black and Coloured. Narrowing them down, they can be compartmentalized into 2 kind, males and females.They can easily be found with their rather common physical appearances lamely possess two eyes, a nose with 2 holes, 2 hands and feet. Those who in short of the basic appearances are called impaired/handicapped. Males possess a rather masculine figure while females have a feminine silhouette. However, many males miraculously possess a quite feminine figure albeit their biological gender and like wise with the females. Sometimes, their gender is rather ambiguous.

These so-called human can be categorized into so many self created terms like nerds, jerks, perverts, faggots and etc. They possess so many attitude and behaviors that can be so deceitful. Back stabber, liars,mulut celupar(I can’t find the word in English), hypocrites, introverted(hey that’s me), extroverted and etc. These humans also put on a diversity of facades to bluff us. In front, they can be your friend but they also can be your foes. So beware and keep yourself alert.

They are walking among you!