I went to class this morning crossing finger hoping that there will be no test. Unfortunately, my wild assumption is rather wrong. I had CTU test just now and I think it went OK. Not good nor bad. Frankly writing, I don’t do any revisions or study for the test. I try to coax myself not to worry because I think that what we are excavating in this subject is a general knowledge about our country. And so it is, the test. Not to brag but I think I manage to answer it despite some confusion of the MCQ. I just a lil bit annoyed of the invigilator, he was so ‘following the rules’.

“Ok,Ok put yourselves apart from each other”

“You are not allowed to speak a word!”

“Please stop writing”

“Stop writing!”

Daaa..I was like chill out man. It’s just a test. Can’t we make it rather informal..??You don’t have to be that contradictly formal. Besides, rules and regulations are made to be broken.

“kecoh la Prof”