Is it really caring..??I would ponder to myself.They say caring is sharing endlessly.I do agree but I think in certain matters, it’s not that caring to share. I shared, but ironically we don’t share the result as well. To share is to have equal amount on things that are shared.They excel but I’m not standing in par with them.Oh why??

I shared!

I did!

They got a marvellous pointer for the previous sem but I sucked at it.*sigh*.I tried and strive but still I can’t.But all I can do now is trying harder and harder.Grades or pointer are just a number, I always utter that to cajole myself, boosting my self esteem and not to give up.That’s the most legitimate reason on why I join some of the events held. I wanna be active.If I can’t excel in studies, let it in co-curriculum that deserves it. I want them to stay in a healthy equilibrium. So let share, lets continue being nice eventho the little evilish imp inside me is influencing me not to share.Heed not the devils.I’ll follow my heart.