My friends and I had this little wacky conversation in the class today. While a group of my friends was presenting their presentation, we abruptly came out with this silly yet provocative questions :

1.Among us who’ll be the first to get married??

2.Who the last to wed??

3.How many children will we breed??and etc

I laughed my head off thinking and pointing my opinions but in a sudden, this strange feeling came knocking on my mind.I can’t picture myself with a wife and a couple of children.I can’t see myself as a husband and a father to be!(of course there arecalons but sigh..they are all taken..haha)Butterflies were hovering in my stomach and pulse was beating wildly.


It’s the commitment thingy again.To be frank I’m a person who’s afraid of commitment.To be feeding a wife and some children is really a pain in the neck.It is indeed a responsibility but it can turn out to be a burden, an immense one!I have this plan actually that I make a pledge in which I wanna be a successful and rich person before I’m going to propose someone. I want to establish my own life before get wed.That’s my goals.I also set up a certain limit to get wed before I reach the age of 30..maybe. I’m 21 this year so I still have about approxamitely 9 years to head for my dreams.To make it live!

Then I’ll be a good caring father and a loving husband!