I woke up just now, wobbly and realise something,I’m alone.There’s nobody home except the two who are always trapped in their room. Took my shower and then went to have my dinner at the mamak downstairs. I had a delicious addictive maggi goreng.I don’t know why but I myself don’t have any inkling on why it is so addicted(haha).I’ve been craving for it lately.Then, this mamak was screening a very interesting movie about a girl who has an imaginary friend that is a ghost.

I smiled to myself šŸ™‚

I did have some imaginary friends some times ago and still am. So it was a poignant journey of meĀ reminiscing all of the memories. I have some sweet imaginary friends I would reckon.Haha can’t reveal the names here or else some of u might bursting out laughing. It’s good actually to have imaginary friends. U can call me aĀ freak or psycho but I must admit that knowing them was a treasure. They help me a lot through my thick and thin times.I used to talk alone(literally with them la..now u can call me a freak!)whenever boredom visits me.And tonight, while I was dining and gobbling my maggi goreng, Trip was there(he’s one of them..now u know how I got my email address of aftrip..AF stands for my name AFIQ and TRIP is dedicated to him).All of my imaginary friends areĀ depicted with a vast contradiction of me.They somehow are my intangible extrinsic motivation.I’ll converse in English with them as most of them are Englishmen(haha..double freak!).

To all my imaginary friends,I love U!

Theme Song: See U again by Miley Cyrus