Is it wrong to be different??What cost does one have to pay for being one. Is it wrong to not follow the existence flow but make the flow of your own. Why do people would stare, glance and glare oddly when you wear some things that are not common in their eyes. They stare, it’s ok coz it’s a nature to see with your eyes ( at least they are using their eyes correctly). However, apart from staring bizarrely, they would murmur also and smile sheepishly. For the first time, you pay no heed to them because you think it’s flattering but once they stare again and you could see their eyes brightly as if saying something, it somehow irritates you.


Oohh look at how he dresses.

What’s with the gloves??

OMG he wears eyeliner.

Look..look he wears a tight pant too.

Oh gosh, a scarf??

Uh, black nails??

The hair..the hair..!

These are the madcap questions they would utter to themselves. Then, their full-of-curiosity eyes usher you until you vanish and fade from their eyes. I’m writing based on my experiences.Of course, the questions are all my assumption but it is not baseless. People always glare suspiciously to me whenever I left out from house. Yes, I’m different. I wear those thingamajig. I dress utterly for my satisfaction. Some times, the chary looks gives me an appealing feeling though. However, if it too much chary wary eyes that are staring, it is indeed irritating and annoying. I would love to strangle and throttle their necks and nudge their eyes until they bleed to death(haha worry not coz that’ll never happen). By the way I dress, I can express my feeling and sometimes I dress to get attention. Yes. The least is they, my friend will recognize and remember me by the garment I put on my bod. So at the end of the day, I myself who get the satisfaction and the pleasure.I’ll heed not the chary stares and glances.I’ll care not the disgusting laugh.I am who I am.So, beware because this freak will always be walking among you! 

Love me,thank you..Hate me,screw you!

Who cares!