I love attending classes. Since I was little, I rarely skipped classes. My parents are quite strict about classes especially my Ummi. She’s the one who instills and nurtures this love-to-go-to classes spirit in their children.My dad cares less coz he always said that his children are all big enough to think what’s right and wrong. However, he does babble and nag sometimes(huhu). During my schooling years, I was among the students who were always got the 100 per cent attendance written in my record book. And I am smug to be titled with that. I’m not that hyper active but I never make any excuses to skip classes. Going to class back then is an ultimate satisfaction to me. It is an obligation to me as I studied in a private religious school during my primary years so I kept thinking about the fees if I were to have a wicked idea of playing truant or skipping classes.

My friends always say that sometimes it is a waste to attend classes if the lecturers aren’t lecturing.

Dear friends, it is never a waste to come to classes.

I must admit that some of the lecture and lecturers also are damn boring! However, learning is consider an Ibadah. What’s more if we seek for it. That’s why I always utter to myself that once you attend a class whether you like it or not, or how darn boring the class is, you will at least get something from it. This sem, I just skipped classes because of the Willow thingy I have participated or else I get a 100 per cent full attendance. Whenever my friends refuse to come to class, I always retort.I loathe and never fancy if you are skipping classes without any solid reason. I am not saying that I don’t play truant, in fact during my secondary schooling, truancy is a part of my social activities. This is because, at the end of the schooling years, after the final examinations, we aren’t allowed to leave early even if we finished the paper swiftly. By hook or by crook, students had to wait until the bell rang. So if u finish the paper on 3.15, u have to wait until 6.30 to head home. So, this leads to the acrobatic act of flying(literally translated as ‘lompat pagar’..huhu) or sometimes crossing the field(in my case, if the second gate is locked, we have to cross the field to exit using the main entrance). However, this kind of crazy thought always reaches my mind, why do them who always skip classes get a better marks than me??.Aishh don’t wanna think about it. At least, at the end of the day, I could compliment myself for going to classes.

Kudos to those whom always get 100 per cent full class attendance!