I’ve been spending my study leave devoting myself watching anime rather than plunging my head on studying. For the past few days until now, I’m watching my all time favourite cartoon superheroes..X-Men!. It’s indeed brings a sense of nostalgic to me as I was little, I was maniacally fond of these series(I considered myself a mutant that time..haha). I had this secret group(ala2 X-men la) with a couple of my friends. I was Cyclop that time. We had Wolverine and also Gambit(Fortunately I can’t recall their real name..sigh).We kept a book, an exercise-sized book which written the whole biography of the X-men and of course in secret. We reveal not the book and rotate to keep it within our group members. Unfortunately enough, I lost it when it was my turn to safe guard it. I was banned from the group for the shameful act of mine..(haha). However, the fondness never stops there.

X-men really is one of the best and famous superheroes franchise in the world. I used to have this model figure of Cable which I took it from my cousin’s house..secretly(hey I was young that time OK and besides my cousin knew it later on). But again I lost it..Ah I’m really good at losing things!.My childhood was not so fancy to be narrated but all these fictitious cartoons lighten it. I still remember to be called, mocked and sneer because of my crazy affection to it(you can call me nerd or whatsoever because I still heart it)

So, these are my favourite character in X-men:


1)Cyclop(of course..wuhuu)

2)Iceman(go Bobby..freeze ’em)

3)Archangel(I wanna have wings like him)

4)Gambit(he’s cool and an expert thief..haha)

5)Havok(he’s Scott’s brother…)


1)Jean Grey(I want her telekinesis and psychic power desperately!)


3)Rogue(my sexy lady!)

4)Emma Frost(she’s so damn HOT!)

5)Storm(do I have to explain why)

May the legacy continues..

ermm can u spot me in this picca??


P/S: I was, I am and I will be in love with all the characters!