Due to my previous entries which has caused some heated argument among my friends and my newly found ‘FRIENDS’,I have decided to pen this entry. I, hereby WARN any human beings with or without mind from having the slightest idea of hurting my friends. You have to bear me first if someone hurt my friends verbally or non-verbally, physically or emotionally and in any acts that can make them hurt or angry or feeling depressed or in whatever states that they don’t fancy.

I nearly shed my tears for the support my friends gave me last night, seriously because of a bunch of people who is so desperate of attention and who claims they are better than any one!. Dear readers of my blog, I sincerely appreciate that u found my blog and lend me your eyes on what I am crapping here but please..please and please do not judge me. U can give your comment but make it as constructive as it may be even you despise what I am rambling in my blog here. These kind of people that is always deteriorating my motivation to blog.So please, if u want to give your brilliant insight or whatever, do it in a proper way.Don’t just go and keep bashing blatantly not knowing what the entry is all about.

You can mock,sneer me but please don’t judge and bash my friends for standing up for me!Don’t ever try to speak ill of them or else u have to face me!I’m not that strong but hey I once learned taekwondo and don’t ever provoke me.

I’ll kick your butt..if I can’t..

I’ll nudge your eyes..if I can’t..

I’ll punch or slap you hard in the face..if I can’t..

I’ll pull you hair..if I just can’t..

I’ll broke you cars or whatever things that u love..I can do that



The author,


P/S :That is so EM*..n friends, the three words are banned to be used in this blog as it MAY hurts some of my DEAR READERS..(this is an utterly SARCASM).Before reading further here in my blog, please do aware of the tagline..my STORIES,my LIFE, MY WORD..