These are the rules one has to adhere before they have this madcap thought of advising me :

Before prattling about me, bare in my mind that are u flawlessly impeccable??If yes is the answer, advise me,I’m not perfect.

Before uttering about something sacred such as religion, bare in my mind that are you religiously pious??If yes is the answer,advise me,I know where I stand.

Don’t judge me,coz I JUDGE myself.Need no other adjudicators in my life.Judge me not,Advise me.

Don’t use my past whether my school or my background to dash me, that is not advice, it’s sneering.Advise me.

Don’t assume things that u don’t well-versed at about my life, it’s my life and I know what I am capable and incapable to do.Advise me.

Don’t remind me of my future, it’s superfluous, I think of my future earlier before you every single day. Need no other insincere mind to jam me.But advise me.

I think that’s all..n I’m going to update and add some rules if I can think of any.For the moment just adhere to these above rules please.


Song of the day:Move along by All American Rejects.