I’m having a really not-so-healthy diet currently and I feel suck..really suck.This is the list of what had I consume last night :

1. 6pm : A hot delicious Nasi Lemak telur mata from the Pasar Malam.
2. 11pm : A bowl of Mee sup that can make u salivate.
3. 3am : A packet of pickles and Nachos from 7E.

So what are those?

I’m so giving myself a real good time in gaining more weight,putting some kilos which I don’t usually do. Frankly, I’m the type that would bear from starvation just to keep my bod healthy and in shape.I’m quite fussy about the substance that I would consume into my stomach.However, currently I am like throwing off the idea and keep entertaining my stomach more which I think is a bad idea.Imagine this, I never like maggi goreng and I never order one if I’m at Mamak or any restaurants.I have this idea of

“I just can cook this kind of meal, so I’ll not waste my money for it”.

Hilariously enough, I am presently addicted to the maggi goreng downstairs like hell since I in order it fortuitously.

I need to go home and see my mum’s reaction.Every time I got home, mum will say that how slim and slender I turn and she keeps reminding me to eat healthily.Well mum, I follow your advice, I do eat but I don’t know whether it is healthy or not.