I am a fan of Chelsea FC.A great fan of the club.Last night was a memorable night for us, the fans because for the first time Chelsea steps through the final leg of the Champions League. It was poignant. Last night match was a nerve-wrecking one, adrenaline pumping and nail biting.I got seriously overwhelmed by the nerves and the excitement.That is me.Whenever I am nervous, I can’t control it.I’ll shudder and tremble frantically. My fingers will quiver like a guy suffering from serious parkinson. However, if I got excited, I will be engulfed with the excitement.I’ll scream and yell my lung out and I’ll jump like a mad man. Football was never my cup of tea then albeit the fact that my dad was so active in it in the past.I rarely play football but I love to watch the match.I love to see the skills and how the players score the goal.

Chelsea is my newest fondness of football.Then, I prefer Liverpool.They are the club that stems my liking to football.The Robin Fowler’s era.I was a great fan of Liv at that time.I still remember the dreadful match of Liverpool VS Ac Milan 2-3 years back then where The Reds shockingly won the title after been left out with 3-0 score.My friends and I were at a restaurant that was crowded with people.I was supporting Liv and put my bet on it.When they equalize, I still remember how the tables and the chairs flew out of the restaurant.We went berserk.Shouting and yelling crazily. It was a great moment.However, the fondness of the team faded slowly as Chelsea at a snail’s pace reveals their fang in the premier league.Besides, I adore Cole,Duff and Robben’s skills at that time. So I became a great fan of the football club. I turn to Blues instead of Reds.Kudos to them for the marvellous match they put in last night.A great effort that is very well paid. I’ll stay in Blues for some time now.Who knows the Champions league trophy will come to Stanford Bridge this year.Beware Red Devils, we aren’t giving up so easily!The Blues will give you hard time!.

It’s hard to be the only Chelsea’s fan in the house as 2 of my friends are Red Devils’ maniac, one is Liverpool and the other 4 show no interest in any.

P/S: Babel’s goal was superb last night!