I watched a brilliant movie last night.She’s the man.A simple yet aesthetically marvelous.I was inspired by the way she pursues her dream..her interest.She did everything for the sake of it!

To think of it, I have tonnes of interest which grow furtively in me but I never chase them nor turn them into a reality.

I love tennis coz Dad plays it.I got my own tennis racket at the age of 12.A huge one in which a present from Dad coz he bought a new one.Actually I owned two.A small one and the other is the standard size.Both were my Dad’s which he gave them to me.I can’t remember the brand but I still got the rackets in my room.

I like to watch my friends skateboarding and I like to skate too.I was 14 if I’m not mistaken when I bought a skateboard.It’s so damn expensive.I just can’t recall where did I get that but for certain with my friends’ help.He’s a terrific skater that time.I was so crazy into skate boarding where I always spend my evening practicing at my cousin’s house.They have this huge cemented area that is vacant and just perfect for skateboarding activities.

My brothers are very good at drawing as they were in the art’s stream.However, Dad always said that my talent is better.Perhaps that was the thing that I really wanna to achieve in my life.Mom’s never agree for me to take any art lesson coz she said that it’s not important.I was in form 3 if I would reckon and I secretly signed up for an art lesson with the help of my friend.I used my own allowance money where I had to cut my expenses in school.I had to starve to pay for the fees.I rarely ate at the school canteen coz I was in the morning shift that time.So before coming to school, I packed my stomach at home.For a year I lied to Mum saying that I was involved in some activities in school where the naked truth was that I went to the my art class after school.

I am no good compare to my other friends which can simply draw anything that they like.I have to be in a very good mood and would take a long time in completing one piece of my art.Unfortunately I had to quit the class coz I can’t no more afford the fees and the teacher had been really lenient to me about my condition.I actually attended the class without any payment for three months.It was so sad.I told Mum later and she was like so mad but she understand it well and offered me to continue the lesson but I refused coz I have put off the flame in me that used to blaze wildly.I still safe keep my drawing paraphernalia and some of my masterpieces.I took a lesson on drawing using water colour.It was elevating.

There, some of my interests and liking that now faded expectantly as I never have the guts to further it. I took them as my plain hobbies and never view them seriously.My bad for that coz who knows, IF I pursue one of them and head it, who knows I’m a teenage tennis player or a professional skater or perhaps an artist by now.

When we wake up in the morning, we have two simple choices. Go back to sleep and dreams or wake up and chase those dreams.

Choice is yours