I just got back form roaming around the remote city of Shah Alam, hunting for jobs. The authentic plan was going to an interview at 7E with Moja, we did go after a couple of time lost in the remoteness of Shah Alam City. It was informed by us that the interview will be held at Sec 23, we roved around the place but could not find any 7E.Enraged by that, we continue wandering until we found one and they said it was held at Sec 24.Shit!.Took a brochure regarding the interview and it stated:

“Sila bawa 2 keping gambar, 1 salinan IC dan dokumen2 sokongan”

To hell cause we don’t have any.So we decided to head there dare-deviling.We were dumbfounded when we arrived there to see some boys wearing formal dresses.Tuck-in shirt and black trousers.Damn!.I was like

‘Hellooo..7E jek kowt!.

I mean is it obligatory to wear such attires.We stood there numbly.Look at each other and then head home.We are so not going to be accepted with this outfit and without any preparations.And to make matter worst, I put on extra eye-liner this morning and my eyes look like they are blackly swollen.

Had our breakfast at Pak Li Kopitiam and this idea abruptly popped.Why don’t we try here.So we tried our luck after consuming our stomach with Nasi Lemak and some sins for acerbically snickered the workers there.Asked the lady at the counter and she said to fill in the form first.There were 3 guys filling the form too.Crap!

Sent the filled form and the supervisor, I think requested us to come around 4 for a little interviewing session.Then we went home.

I need to recover my sleep and wait for the clock to strike 4.

I’ll update later if we’re going to get the job or disapproved.