Malaysian’s drivers are absolutely discourteous. We call ourselves chivalrous but on the contrary, we are. I despise drivers, who are boorish, intolerant, arrogant and think that they own the road! I am neither an expert driver (based on my previous drift experience) nor a very polite one but I still consider other drivers.Since I am a part-time driver for the sem break(I drive my two little sisters to school)these what have I encountered:

Firstly, I don’t jump queue and maneuver easily, I respect other cars

Secondly, I rarely honk at other drivers’ coz I can’t be honked as I get scare effortlessly whenever people honk at me.

Thirdly, I smile. Yes I put on a bright smile. Because you see in my urban village, the road here are all narrow-even tho many actions have been taken to broaden them-so it is a huge possibilities to stumble upon other cars from a difference way. Whenever this happens, one has to retreat or give way and every time people make way for me to go first, I smile at them or nod.

However, the thing is with our drivers are (parallel to the above):

1st: They think they own the road so they jump queue as if they are the only tax payer in Malaysia. I detest this kind of driver.

2nd: Our drivers are indeed kind, they honk a lot to make us realize or make us awake even the honking sound is not necessary, at all. As if, they are the only person who is in a hurry! Duh!

3rd: We smile or nod as a token of appreciation if somebody makes way for us to go first. I always smile but it is not been replied reciprocate-ly. I feel like a stupid clown whenever I put on my brightest smile no matter it is them or me who give way. Nod or smile Sir, it’s easy, not just speeding and paying no heed to the one who is so kind to make way for you!

I don’t care if u ride a luxurious car or whatever car it is but respect, it’s all that matters.