It was a disaster in disguise yesterday and a blessing camouflaging an impediment. Yesterday, we held some sort of a small G3 KEX gathering for those who were available. Courtesy of Kak Marina and Kapt, whose house was the rendezvous, I rushed around 11.30 am driving the old Saga to pick the twin and Muiz. The car was in not-so-good condition coz it had been derelict unused after Mom bought a new one a couple of months ago. Lil bro would oblige to drive it once in a blue moon. The event was supposed to start at 12 but some barrier hindered us to arrive on time at the house.

While I was driving the car, keeping up, and bantering with each other’s-the twin is still on their mission to dethrone their father for their new obsession, goats, to name them for their successor for full authority- something got tangled up with the car. It got slower and slower even after I pressed the acceleration pedal hard. Bard glanced at me baffled asking what the hell was going with the bloody car. I pulled over and Dien, pointed out at the apparition of smoke that emerged in front of the bonnet. Pandemonium broke loose and we were fidgeting not knowing what to do.

Everyone got out of the car and unlocked the bonnet. There was a small leaking at a wire that connected to the engine, and water ruptured out and drenched the scorching engine which resulted to the smoke. Everyone was trying to patch things up, to be a MacGyver. Auspiciously, there was a concern Samaritan offered his hand to mend the damage and directed us on what to do. Thank you Sir!

We managed to arrive safely and in one piece. The girls were in the kitchen making themselves busy. The guys were in the living room, prattling and pulling their legs. Of all things that could be conversed, they went for politics! It’s the last thing I would do, scuffling with them over politics. What a nice topic to talk over a reunion! I just nodded docilely all the time.

It’s bon appetite and goodness gracious, the table was flooded with salivating delicacies. There were spaghetti, baked macaroni, mashed potatoes, lamb chop, garden salad and other extra desert and they were all homemade. Yummy! It was my lucky day, I had longed for spaghetti for quite a while. I scooped myself a large spoon of mashed potatoes and flooded my plate with spaghetti. While I was recalling that I was supposed to be on diet, belligerently I found myself chomping through a bowl of garden salad with Thousand Island dressing on top.

We stayed there until 5.